Monday, 13 March 2017

Youtube, Content and Viewers

In my previous post in this blog I explained a little thing about how Instagram can help us in learning a language. Except for scrolling an up to date news and an uploading photo or video, you can learn English also on Instagram. The expansion of Instagram has created many beneficial platforms from the users of Instagram such as in economy, politic, entertainment till education. If you are interested to read my article about Instagram just check it here Instagram Today. One of social media that become viral lately in juvenile or in Indonesia we say "Anak Kekinian" is Youtube. I think most of you have known this channel as a spot to share many kinds of video from over the world. However, do not you know that there are a lot of "fake" users on Youtube? I am not saying that fake is not original or spurious users here. I refer to the Youtubers who only copy someone's videos than reupload its again by using their name. Yeah just call them as adherents of plagiarism. Although Youtube is a kind of cyberspace only yet we are also required  to act wisely as the users of social media. We have to appreciate and respect the other users for their works. Youtube is really different with the others social media. Why? because this platform needs our video to be uploaded not only a picture like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter but also your skill in creating a video that will become a great value for your viewers, why? Because this is Youtube. 

In Indonesia, the numbers of Youtubers is getting increase significantly. Almost all of the actress, actors, comedians, till the President of Indonesia also has Youtube account. Mr. Jokowi is always doing vlog (Video blog) in his channel, as I know that he is the first President in the world who has Youtube Channel. You can watch all of Mr. President's activities in his videos by clicking this link Jokowi. Anyway, everyday in my Youtube account, there are so many new Youtuber accounts and sometime they are fake users. I my self prefer to subscribe some of Youtubers who produce not only an amazing quality video but also a useful content. So, this time I will share four Youtubers who have an excellent content for their viewers in my point of view.

Agung Hapsah

If I mention Agung Hapsah, I am absolutely sure all of the Indonesian Youtubers and Indonesian viewers have known this boy so well. I am proud to say that I am one of his big fans. If you want to know why just check all of his videos in his channels. FYI, Agung has two channels on Youtube the first one is Agung Hapsah and the next is eevnxx. For the first channel contains some of his vlogs and the second one contains review product and some tips.  The difference between the first channel and the second channel is the language that he used in the video. If you want to listen and watch he speaks full English just open eevnxx vice versa, in Agung Hapsah you can see his videos by using Indonesian language. 

Fathia Izzati  

Actually this girl is Agung's favorite Youtuber. He really adores this girl I think :D. Honestly, I also love all of her videos in Youtube. The most interesting thing that I really enjoy when watching her videos is her accent. I do believe your English skill will enhance after watching her way to speak with her viewers. 


Different with the previous Youtubers who are Indonesian, RidzBored or Ridzwan is a Malaysian. However, he also presents English in some of his videos like Agung and Fathia. Furthermore, he is currently studying in Japan so I am not doubt anymore with his Japan language. If you are Japan lovers or have a willing to continue your study or want to stay in Japan, I recommend you to subscribe his channel. You will understand and know about Japan deeply from Ridzwan

Prince Ea

Prince Ea or Richard Williams is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and right activist from St Louis, Missouri. Almost all of his videos contain motivation, inspiration and criticism. In his channel, he said that "my goal for this channel is to make people laugh, cry, think, and love with the ultimate goal to evolve.  Yeah, he really loves to share everything in his mind into a video than share it to the viewers

Well readers, those are several Youtubers that I have subscribed on Youtube. I love their channel not because of their camera is really great or they are handsome and beautiful. Big NO for those reasons but I cannot deny if all of them have those things. The important point that I have learnt from these Youtubers is a worthwhile content.  If you are eager to be the next Youtuber please share positive contents on your video for your viewers.