Sunday, 23 July 2017

Pray for the Humanity in Palestine!

The twenty third of July of 2017. 08.00 (AM).

Different with my previous posts, this time I intentionally write this article in early morning. If you would like to check all my posts in this blog, you will find all of my articles were written in the night. Actually, everything in my thought will be transferred to this blog. Yeah cause I love to write everything in my brain at the same time. I cannot handle my brain if I just think it for a long day. I have to transfer my thought here. What happened last night was really torturing my head off. In these several days I have received many news about my brothers and sisters in Palestine. Blood, Gun, and Fire are the part of their life in Palestine. I really do not know when this conflict will be ended or this is an immortal war in the world. I have watched some videos about what was really happened in Al-Aqsa. It was really a horrible movie if those scenes were really a movie but yeah those scenes were a  real! Let me show you how terrible the situation there, just jump to these following links Palestine and Muslim in Palestine

People who always stay in the internet or in the news platform surely know about this never ending conflict between Palestine and Israel. It has been going for a long time. I do not have to tell what are the causes of this situation and this condition. You just need to check and look for the information by yourself but I have to say that I stand for my brothers and sisters in Palestine against Israel.  A couple videos above have reflected why I should hate the Zionist. Anyway, I am still confused why some countries just say 'I the President of bla bla bla, I the Head of bla bla bla or, I as the representative of bla bla bla criticize and condemn Israel's actions against Palestine". The Palestinians do not need it at all. They need our action. Sometime, I also think what this the purpose of United Nation in this universe. Do not they have to keep the peace and security in this world? The world seems to have been deaf and blind today. Do not they know that many children are getting serious injuries in Palestine! Many mothers have lost their children! Many people have lost their family! 

Nowadays, media, government till world are more quite belongs to the conflict in Palestine. When the world is mournful to the boom in Paris, UK or USA, the media is like a flash spread the news till a week moreover share the news for several weeks. They try to make it viral. Then now what about Palestine? Some international media just focus on another news then be silent to most horror situation nowadays. Accidentally I also find a video with a shocking tittle. Israel assumes if they are the victims. 

Mr. Erdogan as the President of Turkey stated that "You do not need to be a muslim to support Palestine, you just need to be a human!". If all of the nations have stayed for human rights in the world why do not we stay for supporting human right in Palestine? It is not about religion, nation, or ethnic group but this is about humanity in Palestine.  


  1. Totally agree.. Apalah gunanya berkoar-koar mengutuk kebiadaban tanpa ada step nyata untuk menghentikannya. Those curses even cannot stop them from bombing here and there.

    1. Mengutuk Israel adalah cara agar terlihat mendukung Palestina. Padahal the fact is really really different!