Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Live in Your Life!

The Seventh of February of 2017. 12.07 AM (WITA)

When a busy wind was blowing hard to touch the earth, I was busy to blow away my future in my thought. Tonight I felt all of my burdens were piling me up. Since some days ago till tonight I have gotten several great news. As from 4th February one of my friends has arrived in his dream country, Australia. He is success to be a graduate student in Monash University for the next two years. Then, one of my mates will follow him also in Aussy. She has told me that about 14th February she will fly to Aussy to continue her dream also for studying abroad. Yeah, she is going to be a student of Queensland University in Australia. Then, tonight I received an awesome news also from two of my friends who are a couple. They will marry in this month. Wowww, I was so excited when getting a text from my friend. After six years in leading their special relationship finally they decided to marry this year. Because of this happy news suddenly my friend who never I met again since graduated in the university chatted me for the first time. Starting to talk about my friends wedding till talking about our past were the contents of our chat tonight. There was one thing that really surprise me with her, it was about her special relationship from one person to different person. Then you know what? Right now she has a special relationship again but different with her previous love stories, today her special one is her classmate in the campus. It's really something for me. How come you find your soul after graduate in the university whereas you are in the same class? It was my first question when knew this information. I just laughed during the conversation with her tonight. Too much LOL in my chat I thought. Around few minutes later, I found a message again unfortunately, this one was a bad news. One of my Professors in my campus has passed away. This unbelievable news is still swarming in my head right now. Closer to the dark night I received this last news for today. A mourning news has closed Monday then moved to Thursday.

The wind was still increasingly busy to hoof all of trees around my home than I was busy to remember the series of story today. From some blithe news till a sad news, all at once I returned to guess my future again. Some of my friends have reached their desire to study abroad this year. I saw the process of their struggle in pursuing their dream. Yeah, it was not an easy way to face what you have faced right now. What they have done today are their big dream in the past then you know what? They did it. I am so envy with people who success to prove that they can make themselves to be proud. On the other hand, they are my motivations to push my dream comes true as soon as possible. Yeah, I still run to catch my goal in UK. When I realize that one by one of my friends have reached their dream then others have married  and will marry in this year, I have a big question in my mind. What have I done to find my real life??? am I in my way to meet my goal??? I am trapped in a dilemma situation. On different sides, I am still on fire to study abroad yet I cannot deny if now I am in a period where I should find a man who will accompany my days till the end of time. So, should I marry soon too???

Ahhhh,,,,, I confuse to make a deal with the time. I have promised to my self to go overseas before 25th years old then will marry in 27th years old but it is about the time again. When the time agrees to allow me continue my dream in the UK or perhaps the time changes my destiny to go abroad in somewhere. Then, for my future prince, when will you come to knock my heart? After 25th years old or before it. It is my pleasure if we can meet this year so, I can tell every single dreams of mine. I do hope you support me and carry me on to be closer in my dreams together with you. Anyway, who are you? Have we met before? Do you know me firstly or I know you firstly? Are you my mate in the school or in the university? Probably are you my family???? Wowww, it is so funny to guess you by the way wkkwkkw. Ok, let the time and Allah arrange the scenario of my life. I deem with HIM indeed cause HE is the best guide for every single steps of my days. Like handling our future career till our future mate, HE is the owner of our life also. We can set many plannings to the further however HE knows better for our road later on. We also truly do not know which one will come firstly our obituary, our marriage, or our graduation. 

Several rows of news today wake me up that whatever it takes you will meet with a death as a sureness in the end. Like trees where they will survive to life as one of creatures of God. Everyday they are stuck in working to help people in the universe to life although people sometime forget the existence of them. Then slow but sure the trees will perish cause of their age. Like us as a human, sometime we are busy to enjoy the life then forget our real goal is to return to Allah actually. This world is just a stopover to continue our next step, yeah an eternity after the world.