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Nowadays, the development of technology is growing extremely. A wide range of smartphones, computers, till television has competed to be the best for the consumers. Many application in our handphone till in our laptop appear to help us in joining the trend like today. One of the social media that very familiar in our daily activity especially for the teenagers is Instagram. Almost everyday many news or phenomenons are posted on Instagram. It can be denied that we are Instagram addicted since we always be curious with the trends in the world. In spite of the importance of existence in delivering an entertainment actually Instagram can be a media which helps us to learn many things included learning the language. In this post I will present about the benefit of Instagram in language learning. Some references that have helped me to write this post come from this Site and this Site.

Instagram comes from an understanding of the overall functionality of this application. The word "insta" comes from the word "instant", like a Polaroid camera in his time better known as "instant photograph". Instagram can also display photos instantly, like a polaroid in zoom. As for the word "gram" is derived from the words "telegram" that works to transmit information to others quickly. Therefore Instagram is a form of the words instant and telegram. Instagram is a photo sharing application that allows users to take photos, apply a digital filter, and distributed them to various social networking services, including Instagram's own belonging. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are the CEO and the founders of Instagram.

For getting started in Instagram, the first thing that the users should have is an email address. Then, download Instgram from apple store or play store. You can start it by signing up with Instagram with an email address, username and password. From there you can configure Instagram to autopost to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous, or just choose to share images from within the app or via e-mail. You can also turn any of these options on or off if you do not want to share your shots with everyone. When you have connected to Instagram you will be able to snap a picture from your phone directly or take it from your gallery or album. You can arrange the scale of your photo in Instagram. If you need to beautify your picture you can choose 40 filters which are available automatically. In addition to filter, Instagram also provides edit button next to the filter switch. In edit part, there are some options to manage your picture like adjust, brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, color, fade, highlight, shadow, vignette, tit shift and sharpen. These options help the users to present the quality of their post in Instagram. As an addition, Instagram also allows the users to upload a video about 60 seconds directly from Instagram or pick it from gallery.  Today Instagram has updated their features by creating snapgram on the top display of Instagram and direct message in the top corner of Instagram as an arrow form. Snapgram facilitates the users to post a picture and a video but in limited time. Snapgram allows us to upload picture and video which only appear about 15 seconds for 24 hours then automatically move to the next pictures and videos. Some features in snapgram like boomerang can animate your video, word can guide the users to write a text, color to colorize the font, and pens to choose the types of your pen, nowadays Instagram also have provided some stickers, location marker, weather marker till clock. These features can assist the users to create an interesting and a colorful snapgram.  After 24 hours our snapgram will be back to the normal view again. The users can save what they have uploaded in snapgram before disappearing by click the save button on the bottom of the snapgram. Then, direct message in Instagram has a function to chat with our friends in Instagram. In direct message the users not only can chat but also share picture each other.

Today, many people from children till adults have an Instagram account in their smart phone. The popularity of Instagram has pushed many groups to have it. Nowadays, some communities, companies or institutions use Instagram to promote their activity by uploading pictures and videos. Moreover, many kinds of related field that we want to look for will be found in Instagram such us, travelling, hobby, food, society, health and education. We just need to type the category that we need in explore button in the bottom of this application. In education term especially in language learning, Instagram hold an important part to the students and to the teachers. Today, there are many Instagram accounts which can help us to develop our English skills. Some accounts that can help you to learn English for instance, @guruku_mr.danish, @engliven, @hitsenglish @englishtoday.jkt, and so on. However, if you feel that you are in medium level you can follow some accounts like @kittendust @eevnvxx @prince_ea, or some international artists or actors. These accounts always share videos and pictures which can aid you to improve your skill more.

Overall there are some advantages and weakness in using Instagram. Some of the benefits of utilizing Instagram like Instagram can beautify our picture because it contains some filters, we can share our picture and video while promote it, we can also log in via PC, we can chat with our friends in direct message then, the most useful thing in Instagram is Instagram requires the users to be at least 13 years old and they should not post partially nude or sexually suggestive photos but do not prohibit the portrayal of violence, swear words, or drugs. Instagram provides a report option for each that we have posted so Instagram will receive a notification if our posts have a negative effect to the viewers and Instagram. Vice versa, Instagram also has some weaknesses for example the video that we can share limited for 60 seconds only. Then, when we log in our account via PC we can only see some posts because posting a video or a picture is unavailable. The last, pictures and videos that we shared in Instagram sometime appear in unclear view since, we uploaded it by using smartphone capacity.      

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