Monday, 17 July 2017

Have you ever felt?

The seventeenth of July of 2017. 07.44 (PM).

It has been a month I am vacuum to post my recent thought in this blog.  I realize that I cannot deny a bunch of routines attack my head nowadays especially my activity in front of my papers. Some deadlines in front of me have scared me continuously. Sometime I am envy with my friends who enjoy their life without any burdens. In another side, I really hate my flat days from Sunday to Sunday again. Moreover I ever call my self as an unlucky girl. Anyway have you ever felt this situation? 

My life is too boring to be shared in the public whereas I really want to be one of influential people in the universe unfortunately I am not included in the list, yeah so poor wkwkwk. However, in this boring activities I more become an observer around me actually. I look many things around me then realize that I should not be pessimistic women who are doubt with the future. Some people outside are more unlucky than me but they never complain their luck like me. I understand that they are not a superhero who are strong in facing many days. In reality they also complain the plot of their life but different with the others lame guy included me, they always try to go ahead. I can say if they have a brave heart in supporting their hard world. Here are some pictures that I took by my camera phone and show you if you are lucky then you think.    

I captured this picture in front of a mini market in Makassar city. At the time this women was felt a sleep while doing her job as a parking officer. 

This old man is my favorite somai seller in Makassar. Almost every night I wait for his somai. He always stays in front of a mini market which is located in Abdesir from afternoon till night.

I found this scene in one of stores area in Bantaeng regency. It was a hot day when he was walking while carrying his goods along the way.

If you see this picture please do not judge him as a lunatic or a psycho. He was only a pedicab driver who was waiting for passengers in front of a hospital in Bantaeng. 

I captured this view after pouring rain in a book store in Makassar. I saw an old man still used his rain coat while selling balloons. 

In my way to home, I met with a father with his two daughters in a pedicab. I guessed if the sacks that they brought contained of garbage plastic bottles.   

If you are in Makassar this picture will be a common view that you will find a long the traffic area. From kids till old man and old women will sell some boxes of tissue to you.

Some pictures above are only a half of situation and condition of the people who are fighting to stay alive in a big city like Makassar. Those scenes that I find directly with my eyes teach me that I should say thanks to God, Allah SWT who has given me a better life then the others. I should be ashamed to people in the frames above who remain strong and steadfast in the midst of difficulties and risks that they face. Salute for the wage workers in this universe. Hats off to you!

Regard me,

A life observer


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