Usia 25

If I have chance to create a change, I really want to juggle this world with a life without a fear of time where people including I myself can enjoy every single day that we face without worrying about tomorrow.

People claim that time is money. Maybe it is the reason why my friends, family and neighbors are busy with their works everyday. Basically, I see time in this phenomenon as a bomb not money again inasmuch as a lot of people are stuck on fixed schedules which force them to be rush. Everything is in hurry like their daily activity is only to serve the given hours from their bosses. At the end, sooner or later the bomb will blow up and hurt them physically and mentally. Yes, deadline is like a terror today. It can explode anytime.    

Actually people are competing also to meet their goals based on their time targets. It is undeniable that age has become a measure of success in this present day. Most of them want to graduate in a college when their age has been 22 years old then have a job before 25 years old. The others also say that they should marry at the age of 25 years. Everyone has set their epoch to be realized on schedule that they have created. Unluckily, not all of the human in this universe can actualize their willing based on their timetables.

A group of people view the time as something that to be worried about therefore, they tend to control some moments in their lives. They assume that time is wild so, it should be tamed whereas, the time is still the time. It is not an enemy that should be defeated. It is also not about a competition where human should be a winner. Time is just series of event in a life. It will remain with everyone’s life even though people always say no more time again.  Yes, time will always be there for us.

Time actually never changes but people do it. I tend to argue that it is the people who have modified the era so they are trapped in time worries. They rely on technology so, they can make everything instant. Today, each person uses smartphone to connect quickly to the others. Different from  past time where they still entrust to postman for taking care of various purposes such as office affairs, school, business or just a letter to communicate each other. Everything has changed today. Most people choose to use social media or packet delivery service for instance, Gmail, Telegram or Feedex to send express documents. Absolutely, the fastest is the best. Nowadays, everything is about a speed. Shorten the time has become an important need for every individual.

As aforementioned, completing college, having a job, and getting married are important things that are always be the main purposes in everyone’s life. However, I think those matters are not ambitions anymore, people’s goals have transformed into a terror that continues to haunt them now.  At the end, excessive expectation pushes people to fall on disappointment and frustration since they fail to meet their targets. Actually, what is wrong with the goal that does not come on time. I think it is still good to graduate in 25 years old. It is ok to find a job in 30 years old. It is also fine for getting married in 35 years old. In fact, nothing wrong with those periods. The one that should be blamed is our perspective about the time. Indeed, time never makes a mistake however, many people always blame it. I do believe time will never be angry to always be criticized because time does not have time to do it. Time only cares about his duty to keep moving forward.

Time will always be on our side if we treat time as a friend. Vice versa, you can kill time if you commit time as a terror.


  1. Karl Marx should read this.

  2. This is a really good thoughts on time... Especially "people’s goals have transformed into a terror that continues to haunt them now..." We all have different journey, different path. Some become early bloomer some need to take more time and become a late bloomer, and I think there's no right or wrong with this. I love this article!

    1. Thank you Fiola, hope you enjoy the other articles 😊