Do Human Understand Each Other?

Do Human Understand Each Other

Interaction is the part of human life. A good communication will produce good interaction as well and bad communication will lead to bad interaction as well. Communication and interaction are the important elements in a relationship among people. Social communication is an attempt to convey certain intentions to others so that people can understand the purpose of the message. Communication can also be interpreted as the process of sending from the sender to the receiver by using certain media (Tjiptono and Diana, 2001). People do the process of communication and interaction with the aim to obtain information at once to get information. Communication really helps us to be connected each other unfortunately, miscommunication still becomes a phenomenon that often occurs in our daily life because miss the core of listening and empathy. 

Generally, communication consists of two types of verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication itself is a form of communication by using words both oral and written for instance when making a speech, talking over the phone, or sending a letter. Then, non-verbal communication is a form of communication by using gestures, sign language, facial expressions, eye contact or emotion. These kinds of communication have been our intermediary all these years to connect with many people but sometimes the communication also breaks the relationships among people. Error communication causes failed communication. Perhaps we think that telling our problem to someone is the best way to find out a solution but actually it is not. There are certain people who just need our information without really care with our situation and condition. Vice versa, we say that we really know about someone but actually we do not. Everyone’s perspective about understanding person is really complex.

Listening is a skill which holds an important role to communicate between listeners and interlocutors.  Listening simply qualifies as the most prominent kind of interaction. Listening teaches us to determine a decision by comparing some information that we have received from the speakers. The need for good listening is obvious so, everyone needs to communicate each other (Adler and Rodman, 2006). Listening is a very active skill. We will be difficult to accept the information without listening it yet the communication patterns that become trend today is “over talking then less listening” or to the more severe words “talking without listening”. To receive a message from the speakers is impossible without listening it. A lot of feuds are happening out there just because of misunderstanding. When someone is trying to explain what actually happened, the other person as the interlocutor who was not able to muffle his emotions has first concluded the problem. The famous quotes which refer to this chaos are “I do not need your explanation, I understand now!” Or “You never understand about me!” Next, conversation has ended by leaving a never ending case. 

Sometimes our gesture and eye contact are more useful than our words. Without speaking, actually we have shown if we pay our attention to our colleagues through our gesture (nodding or shaking our heads). It is looked simple but more meaningful than talking at length without solving the problem. Empathy is the power to project oneself into the personality of another individual in order to better comprehend that individuals emotion or feelings (Shuaib and Olaoye, 2015). Putting ourselves in one's place is the most basic for understanding someone. Sometimes, we often see traffic jams where people mutter and blame the vehicle in front of them without ever knowing the real cause of the congestion. Worse, there are a few of bikers and car drivers constantly honking the horn to pedicab drivers and bicyclists in front of them to get on quickly. These familiar phenomena on the road show that many people still close their logic and feelings. One more time, understand each other is a complicated thing done for a lot of people who do not understand about empathy.

I know that each person has different character and absolutely I cannot force them to be what I want. However, could people around us unite to understand one another? I do not mind if you are talk active, introvert, super extrovert and any other kinds of personality but please put your empathy first then judging.  Our way to treat a person is a reflection of ourselves. When we feel righteous then our selfish attitude is the controller. However, when we really understand the situation and condition of the person then our empathy plays the role. People will be able to understand each other if they can listen more and accentuate empathy in their daily activity. So, please be an empathetic person as much as possible. 


  1. "I judge them, I feel better," said human. The irony laughed at their back.