Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Hereditary custom related to the tradition. It has become a culture which is difficult to be changed. For instance in Bantaeng regency, there are one of routine festivals for every year, that is custom festival of Pa’jukukang. This event is a hereditary tradition from the people of Gantarang Keke kingdom since XIV century. This tradition was celebrated again by Bantaeng society in Sunday, 07 May 2017. It coincided with 10 Syaban 1438 H. People were so crowded around Pa’jukukang beach. The functionary of the custom used passapu (head cover) or they called it Puang Juku.

In celebration of Pa’jukukang custom festival, nobles, custom components and citizens gathered to do meeting relationship then enjoyed the event each other. In the meeting, they ate fishes together. This tradition began from the king of Gantarang Keke who used to fishing around Pa’jukukang beach. It was called Ma’juku but now, people refer to call it as Attunu-tunu Juku. The kind of fish that they use is milkfish.

It would not be perfect if the ritual was not presenting the variety of traditional food. In festival custom of Pa’jukukang, lammang and ketupat daun pandan were the traditional snacks of this event.

During this event, people did some ancestor legacy activities.  One of them was visiting entombment. In the opposite path, approximately 10 meters from Pa’jukukang beach there is a wide building about 2x3 meter. Inside of this building there is a grave. The purpose of this grave is to allow the visitors to pray in front of the grave then they will ask some willing such as livelihood, health, and so on. Safaruddin daeng Mayo as the committee of this festival said that “People come to this place without an invitation to join. They will come by their selves, because this celebration is a culture and a tradition for them”. He explained that nobody know about who was the occupant of the grave. According to history, the person in the grave is a person who can fly and the grave has been there since colonial era.

Market populace was conducted also around Pa’jukukang beach during 4 days and three nights. The aim of this market populace was to support a merrymaking festival at the time.       

NOTE; The source of the pictures were taken by Mirnawati Amir, one of the students in BLK Bantaeng (Work of Training House Bantaeng)